Saturday, October 2, 2010


In the last post, I mentioned that by year's end I was going to cut my hair to about 7 inches and comb out whatever loc'd part that was left.  Well. . . I've changed my mind.  I'm going to comb out the entire loc.  I'm NOT cutting anything.  I've been natural for over 7 years and I want to keep the length that I have.  I know what you're thinking. Isn't that gonna take FOREVER?!  Probably. But I don't care. I'm determined to do something new and this is it. As a matter of fact, I've already started combing out some of the locs in the back.  And I'm so excited with the results so far.

This is one loc combed out. Look at those curls!!

Look at how much length I've retained.

 The shorter loc is actually 2-3 small combed out locs that have been two strand twisted.

 That's about 3 small locs combed out, twisted, then released. 

Two strand twist.  The rest of my hair is in spiral (pipe cleaner) curls.

Half of the bottom row in 2 two strand twists. 

Close up of the twists.

So I've decided to comb out the locs one at a time just whenever I get a chance.  It takes about 30-40 minutes a loc if I work at it constantly.  I either wet the loc or put plain aloe vera gel on it when I pick it out.  Once it's picked out, I put it with another combed out section and two strand twist it. Since this hair is shorter than my loc'd hair, it hides under it.  As I get more sections combed out, I'm going to roll the hair with pipe cleaners so it blends in with the rest that's still loc'd.  I plan to wear my hair in curls til it's all combed out.  I think that's the best way to 'transition'; wash and roll.
This is what I use to pick out the locs:
The file part of a large nail clipper. 
I like it because the hook makes it easy to grab the matted hair and pull it out.

So wish me luck with this.  I'm not concerned with the time it's going to take.  I should be done by Thanksgiving because I only take down 2-3 locs a day.  I'm in no rush really.  And I have no pattern planned in which I will work. In the meantime, I've been on youtube looking at loose naturals getting ideas on what to do when I'm done. I'm so EXCITED!!  *(Remember 6 months ago when I said I wasn't going to comb out my locs? Check it out here.  I'm not changing my mind this time.)*

On a slightly different note, my favorite student has locs.  Unfortunately, yesterday was her last day in my class (I work at an alternative school and she's returning to her regular school next week). She let me take a few pictures of her hair.  I'll call her JT.
Look how thick and luscious her locs are!!

That's how thick I want my locs to be when I start my new set.  Hopefully my new set will be this long when I start them.  JT has been growing her locs for almost 2 years.  She is one of the few loc'd females I know.  Almost every dread head around here is male.  We loc'd ladies have to stick together.  Anyway, I just wanted to share this young loc'd lovely with you.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.


  1. Wow Mrs. Honey, look at all that new growth! Kudos to you for combing them out instead of cutting them, seems like a lot of work but it looks like it's so worth it. Can't wait to see the results when they are all combed out!

  2. It is a lot of work but it doesn't seem like a big deal since I'm taking my time and I'm doing a little at a time. I can't wait to see the result either. I will keep yall updated with the progress.

  3. Girl, that nail file looks scary! lol

    Are you losing a lot of hair? And how does the free hair feel? Is it dry or rough?

  4. @ nappy: That scary looking nail file is the best thing I've found to get this done! I've seen people use forks and letter openers and anything else they can find!
    And to answer your very good questions: The only hair I'm 'losing' is what's inside the loc, the shed hair; very little loss from the root. The free hair feels great!! It is NOT dry and I think that's because I'm using aloe vera gel to aid with the comb out. The ends do feel a little rough but that's probably because it's been colored. I don't know. I plan to trim the ends anyway so it won't be a major issue in the end.

  5. Ooh, good job.I think I'd also take this route-combing it all out.Maybe I'd trim the very end of the loc.Loose hair looks so..'yummy' LOL.

  6. You go, sis!!! The fro is going to be beautifuuuuul. CaShawn from just combed out her locs and her hair looks great. Kudos to y'all because when it's time for me to let the locs go, my lack of patience self will be cuttin'! Hahahaaa!!