Thursday, April 1, 2010

I combed out a loc!

So today I combed out one of my locs.  The entire loc.  It was a thin one toward the back.  I wanted to see what I was in for if I decided to comb out all my locs this summer.  It took a long time.  I picked a thin one because I didn't think it would take that long.  Let's just say this is making me reconsider this whole endeavor.  Look at all the hair that came out:

There wasn't as much lint trapped inside as I expected. With this much hair coming out, the remaining hair was thin.
That's all that was left. I know it was a thin loc but goodness!  Anyway, I'm going to wrap the loose hair around the thin loc that's next to it.

So I'm off tomorrow and I'm going to finally tackle my hair.  I'm going to retwist it and probably do some curls.  I'm going to combine some of the locs because I want them a little thicker.  I'm probably not gonna comb my locs out so I figure I should make them thicker like I want.  I will think about it some more but today's experience was not what I expected.  The texture was cute and curly but I lost a lot of hair which makes me think my hair is not as thick as I thought (if that makes sense). I knew there would be a lot of shed hair trapped inside but it's just not what I expected.  I'm gonna make a list of pros and cons but in the meantime, I'm retwisting tomorrow. :)

And I'm so excited I have 12 followers!! Thanks for reading!!


  1. how long did it take to comb out just one lock? if you want to start over would you consider just growing out your hair to a couple of inches and then chop the locks off? If i were to start over I'd do that, i can't imagine myself picking my locs out...i'm WAY too impatient for that!

  2. It took over an hour to comb that little bitty lock out!! And yes, I would consider growing my hair out then cutting them. Initially I didnt want to do that but combing was a bit much!! The only reason I wanted to comb them out instead was so I would already have length. And when I locked them again they would have some length. Looks like if I want a new set, I'm gonna have to start all over.

  3. I'd rather start over fresh, I was surprised to see how quickly my hair had grown within a year after my first big chop, so if I were to start over I'd probably just freeform for the entire year and then chop them off. I don't think I would have the time or the patient to comb them out!

  4. I felt the same way when I combed out five of my locks. It took so much time and was a lot of work since they were so skinny. In the end it was a good idea to combine them.