Saturday, April 3, 2010


I finally tackled my hair last night.  I brushed my locs and then used baking soda to scrub my scalp.  My scalp burned for some reason when I put the baking soda on it.  I rinsed it out then washed with my new Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap.  My scalp felt better after that, thank God!  I did the ACV rinse and did my tingling conditioner.  I left it on for an hour.  I had to rinse 3 times (with hubby's help) to get everything out!   I'm not sure how long it actually took to retwist my hair cuz I was watching a movie with the hubby at the same time.  I did a LOT of combining.  Some locks now have 3 or 4 heads.  Those will definitely be cut off at a later date.  I put rubber bands on most of the combined ones to help them mesh.  I wanted to do a good job with the retwist so I haven't curled the ends yet.  I'm pleased with the result.

You can see some of the combined locks because they look like two strand twists.  I'm not really feeling that look but I really needed to combine.  I can't wait until they mesh together so I can cut some of the extra 'heads' off.  The lock that I combed out the other day was wrapped around the next loc and has blended in with the rest.  I'm not even sure which one it is.

*I hate this new upload system.  I would have put more pics up.*

Til next time, thanks for reading.


  1. Great job! But why did you have to combine? Your hair looks very healthy from here!

  2. Thanks ladies.
    I combined because some my locks were a little thin and I want them to be thicker. Nothing to do with the health of my hair (at least I don't think so).

  3. I like the look of your twists and you did a great job of combining your locks.