Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring celebrations

A male coworker picked a flower as we were leaving a meeting and I immediately put it in my hair.  I even wore it to my next meeting.  How cute?!
Today is my son's 12th birthday so we decided to go out to eat to celebrate.  The flower was gone (cuz I took a nap) so I decided to try something else. I did a basket weave in the front and then I tied the ends in the back.  This is a side view.
This is a view from the back:
It's a little funky at the bottom but oh well.  (I didn't know that til we got back).  And this is the front:

It took less than five minutes and we were out the door.  I liked it and I might try it again tomorrow.  (It's too tight to sleep on).  What do you ladies think?


  1. I love it! The front looks perfect! And the flower is so cute hehe.

  2. LOVE IT!! Very nice. It can be either a casual or elegant style.

  3. I love it.When my hair grows,I'm going to learn to do basket weaves.