Monday, April 19, 2010

Bipolar ramblings

So I have bipolar tendencies.  One of the things I tend to do is obsess about or become addicted to things (or occasionally people).  These phases usually lasts a few weeks or a few months and then it goes away.  This time last year, my addiction was the Playstation 3.  In my free time, I hogged the family TV and played video games ALL day.  I would be awake late at night into the early morning playing video games.  My family wasn't really tripping about it so it never became an issue.  A change in jobs helped curb that addiction big time.  I hardly play any games now.  LOL.  I said all of that to say that if you haven't noticed, my latest obsession/addiction is my hair.  With this obsession, I have not been able to keep my hands out of my hair.  If my hands are idle, they are in my hair.  That's not really a big deal until I start doing something other than playing in it or maintaining it.

For those that don't remember (or don't follow me), at the first of the month when I twisted my roots, I combined a LOT of my locs.  My initial reason for combining was to add thickness to my locs.  Only a few locs HAD to be combined because the root was thin.  Well, in the past few days, I have un-combined almost all of the locs that I combined.  I'd say about 99% of them.  The rubber bands and two headed dragons were unbearable to me.  Soooooo, I cut the dragons off.   I hope you understand that I didn't cut the entire loc; just the extra leg that was hanging on.  Some of the combined locs had already locked the the root so I was able to cut off the extra loc.  When deciding which loc (leg) to keep, I chose the one that was thicker or longer.  So when I got rid of all the rubber bands and extra 'legs', I felt so much relief.  And I realized that by combining, I was really trying to accomplish uniformity in my locs.  Some of my locs are thick and some are thin.  They're all different sizes.  I was trying to get them all around the same size.
I was trying to make all my locs thick like the top one.  In reality, most of my locs are the size of the bottom one.  Some are even smaller.  (And yes, they are different colors).

I'm satisfied with the un-combining and I'll probably leave them alone for now.  (I should have just left them alone in the first place!)  I'm glad I got rid of the rubber bands and the dragons.  And I'm loving my loose curls.  I've been 'shaking dem locs' all weekend.  LOL.  I'll probably wear this style a LOT more often.  I'm trying to find other ways to achieve the loose curls.  Using sponge rollers is probably the quickest method.  I like the bantu knots result but it was a little time consuming (and a little painful).  I guess it's time to get back to youtube to find new stuff!

Til next time, thanks for reading.  I love my 22 followers!!!  Be blessed (cuz I am).


  1. I absolutely love your hair.To me you locks are perfect size, perfect length. Isn't it funny how we obsess over our hair for reasons that others don't even see:) I am glad you did what made you feel better by cutting off the dragons cause its all about making yourself happy!

  2. Girl, my rubber bands are driving me nuts. I HATE them with a passion. But we have to do what we have to do for the health of our locs and our sanity, right?

  3. I love your hair, glad to see you are doing what makes you and your hair happy! :)

  4. Your hair is beautiful!

    Have you tried pincurls to achieve a curly look? There is a video on Youtube by qochemist demonstrating how to do them.