Friday, April 16, 2010

Bantu knots result

This what my hair looked like right after I took down the bantu knots this morning.  In this picture, I have not separated the individual locs yet.  The roots were a little damp so some of the curls are tighter than others.  I blow dried my hair last night and again this morning but oh well.  This is definitely a style that needs a hooded dryer or needs to be done at least 24 hours in advance (so it has time to completely dry).

This is how it looked after I separated the locs.

A sexy look.

This the look I wore to the job fair.  Don't I look like a teacher?!  (I hope so cuz that's the look I was going for!)  I pushed the front locs to the back then took two locs and tied them together in the back to keep it away from my face.  Overall I was satisfied with the way the curls turned out.  I wanted loose curls but I could have achieved this same look with sponge rollers.  What a learning experience?! 

And look what I found on the way to the job fair:

Y'all, these few gray hairs are about to drive me insane.  When I initially pulled it I thought it was a string from the white shirt I was wearing!  I was disappointed when I realized it was actually a gray hair that has gotten loose from the loc.  How do you put a strand back in a loc?!  And it's long too.  I was like OMG!!  I've heard/read that gray hair is more resistant to locing but this is ridiculous!!

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.


  1. Ooh that turned out SO pretty! Love it! When my hair gets as long as yours I definitely want to rock the wavy hair look. I believe Chescalocs has done tutorials on pipe cleaner curls and creating just wavy locs with the pipe cleaners as well, seems to be a quicker way to achieve curly/wavy locs. But the way the bantu knots made your hair curl looks just as lovely! Are you a teacher? I'm starting my student teaching next spring :)

  2. @ NESS: I'm not currently teaching but I have taught before. I'm trying to get back into the school system but it's really hard right now with all the budget cuts. Hopefully I'll find something soon.
    What grade and subject are you looking to teach? I teach biology (or middle school science). Elementary age is too young for me. LOL! I really wanna teach GED classes.

  3. I'm looking to teach from grades 6-12 English/Literacy. I don't so much care which grade or if it is elementary, middle, or high school, it is all good for me hehe. I have worked with really little ones before (grades 1-3) and it was just too much for me, too much "baby sitting" for my taste. More than likely I will probably be teaching middle school english, since not too many elementary schools have just english as a course. The place where I'm doing my student teaching has a literacy program for 6th graders which is perfect!

  4. I love all the styles! Hope the job fair went well! Take Care