Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Curls

My best friend (who I've convinced to go natural) and I are going to our really good friend's wedding reception today.  It's supposed to be really casual but I wanted my hair to be cute.  I couldn't decide how I wanted to achieve some curls.  I knew I wasn't gonna try to the bantu knots.  I wanted to try this because I thought her hair turned out really cute.  But I wasn't really feeling it so I decided to try the loose pipe cleaner curls.  I didn't wash my hair cuz I wanted to be sure it would be completely dry in time.  So I cleansed my scalp with ORS Herbal Scalp Cleanser and dampened my hair with a spray bottle with water/oil mix.  I felt by doing this, the curls wouldn't be as tight.  I didn't feel well last night so I was just trying to get 'er done so I could go to bed.

I could tell when I was rolling my hair that it is longer than it was the first time I used the pipe cleaners.  I'm excited about that.
This is how it looked after removing the pipe cleaners and separating the curls.  It's cute but I wasn't really feeling it so I pulled it back.
I'll probably wash them out next weekend and do a better job.  I just grabbed locs and rolled them.  They turned out ok but a couple of them were a little funky.  What do you think?

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.


  1. I like them! I can't wait to do the loose pipe cleaner curls when my hair is as long as yours :)

  2. Love the curls and style they came out great!

    How do you like the ORS scalp cleanse? I have it but I have never used it.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    @V...I love the ORS Scalp Cleanser. It's great when you need to clean one spot or the whole head and don't wanna wash your hair. I usually use it once a week especially when I have spiral curls that I don't wanna wash out. It soothes the itchies too if that's an issue. Try it out.

  4. Yep, I can't wait to try the pipe cleaners when my locs are longer too. I tried them when they were shorter and I was too mad. They looked SO weird! Got any tricks with the basket weaving? I just can't get the hang on it. Help!

  5. It came out cute. I recently did this and I loved it. I got so many compliments.