Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FEATURE: Meet Mr. Sassafras

Meet Mr. Sassafras, also known as MR. Honey Dip.  This is my boo. (I can't show you a full front view cuz he's too cute. ;))  I did his hair last night even though mine still looks a hot mess.  He's been complaining about his itchy scalp so I knew I had to handle it or kill him.  He was in serious need of a retwist too so I went ahead and took care of him.  He's enjoying my newfound enthusiasm for hair because it means he will get his hair done more often.  He's been a great supporter and an awesome guinea pig. LOL.
This is what I did for him:
  • Brushed his locs.  I got this idea from youtube and decided to try it.  He was skeptical the first time I did it but he likes it now.  It works great to loosen the horrible flakes he gets sometimes.  He enjoyed the massage that the bristles gave.
  • Baking soda scalp scrub.  I used a baking soda paste to scrub his scalp with a toothbrush.  This loosened the rest of the flakes.  I massaged it in for a good scalp rub.  I rinsed with warm water.  All the flakes washed away easily.
  • Shampoo with liquid black soap.  The black soap that I won finally came in and hubby wanted me to try it out on him.  It had a great lather and was easy to rinse out.  (Remember I won it from one of the bloggers that I follow, A Happy Nappy Affair, a few weeks ago.  She said the soap came from Essential Balms.  I've actually checked out the website and I'm thinking about purchasing from them.)
  • ACV rinse.  I added olive oil to the rinse and I didn't wash it out.
  • Dr. Miracle's Tingling Intensive Deep Conditioning Treatment.  We both love stuff that tingles ;) so this conditioner is awesome!  He said it feels like his brain is breathing. LOL!  We let that stay on for an hour and rinsed with warm water.
  • ORS Lock and Twist Gel.  This is what I always use on his hair and his hair loves it.  Anything else is too heavy.  We've tried other products but they usually cause serious buildup so I end up coming back to this.

He's a great sport for letting me take his pictures.  I love this guy.

Ok, enough about him . Back to me now.  I'm still on my rollercoaster and I'm really leaning toward combing my locs out this summer.  I figure it would be better to do it this summer since my hair is not at the length I want it anyway.  I could wear loose naps for a few months and then lock it back up by the end of the year.  But if I comb them out, does it make sense to retwist them this weekend?  I usually retwist every 2 months so by the time I'm ready for another retwist, it will be time to attempt this comb out.  If I don't retwist, I can wear curls and braid outs to hide my roots until comb out time.  Decisions, decisions.  Stay tuned to find out what I'm gonna do.


  1. Wow your hubby got quite spoiled with your hair treatments on him, the retwist turned out great! You seem quite serious about combing out those locks, I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to do and talking about the process of combing them out/transitioning back to being to a loose natural/starting another set of locs. I think all of your decisions sound great really! If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to comb out your locs? Would you start your second set with a different method? Are you going to start them off thicker/smaller than the first set? Sorry for all these questions but whenever I know somebody who cuts/combs out their locs/or is thinking about it I get so interested into why they did it and more so when they decide to loc again or just rock their natural hair loosely.

  2. Girl he is super duper spoiled!! But he gets the same treatment I get.
    I want to comb out my locs cuz I'm interested in seeing what my texture is. Not just the few inches at the roots but the whole head. I only wore my loose naps for 2 weeks before I locked. I don't regret locking; I just wished I played with my hair before locking. I didn't want to wait for my hair to grow out though.
    Anyway, I will definitely lock again and probably start them with two strand twists. And I would probably start them a little thicker. I wouldn't wear my hair loose for long cuz I know I wouldn't want to be bothered with combing a lot.

    And I love the questions. I'm glad I have somebody to talk to.

  3. Hehe no problem! I really like your blog! Oh i have another question, have you ever brushed your own locs? when my locs are REALLY mature I want to do that...I hear it makes the locs a bit fluffier/thicker.

  4. I do brush my own locs. Matter of fact, I just brushed them tonight. I usually only do it before I wash my hair and I concentrate on the roots and scalp. If my scalp is flaking, brushing helps loosen the flakes and makes it easier to wash them out. It's a great scalp massage too. There are a few videos on youtube about brushing.