Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too much for a title ;)

Tonight I washed my hair because my scalp would NOT stop itching.  I don't know what the problem was/is.  I've only used natual oils on my hair and ORS Scalp Cleanser.  I also wanted to wash it because I wanted to try a braid out.  So I washed with the peppermint soap I used last week and rinsed with ACV.  I brushed my hair before I washed hoping to soothe my scalp and get any lint out.  I put a little olive oil in the ACV rinse and my hair is so shiny.  I love it.  I also got rid of the buildup that I noticed last week after washing.  Yay! It took me about an hour and a half to braid all my hair.  I did not retwist my roots and I did not use any products on my hair.  I didn't retwist cuz I'm embracing my fuzzies right now; my hair is so soft.  I haven't decided when I'm going to take the braids out yet.  They will definitely be out for church Sunday and work next week. I'm excited to try this style and I can't believe I've never tried it before.  I wonder how long I'm gonna be in this excited stage. LOL! 

Lately, I've had to combine a lot of locs that are too thin.  I'm sure the 165 locs that I started out with last month are probably now down to about 150.  I hope this is just the natural maturation process and not a sign that my hair is thinning.  Other women in my family have experienced hair thinning, including my mother.  My mother even went natural because of it (she has TWA and it's salt and pepper and SO cute).  I haven't had a perm in 7 years so it's probably genetics.  Boo!!

On to better news: I have 2 followers now! Yay me!!  And I know of 2 other people that have read my blog but are not following at the time.  It's nice to know someone cares.  It's easy for strangers to look at my blog but (to me) it's different to look at someone's blog that you actually know.  You get to know them on a totally different level and you learn things about them that you may not have otherwise known.  It might  be a good thing or a bad thing but hopefully it's a good thing for my friends.  Thanks to all those who have visited, whether you decide to follow or not.  ;)

And even better news: I won a contest today!  A fellow blogger, A Happy Nappy Affair, offered some Black Soap to her followers if they posted why they wanted to try it.  I posted a comment and she picked me and another follower.  Yay me again!! I can't wait til I get it to try it out.  You know I will post about it.

One last thing: I have gray hair!  I've actually had a few gray hair strands for about 10 years now.  I remember specifically naming 3 of them (my ex-husband, my son, and college!)  I haven't really stressed about them until now (I think I'm having a pre-mid-life crisis).  I have this one strand that does not want to follow directions.  I don't know how many strands I have now but most of them are in a loc somewhere.  This one strand just hangs out smack dab in the middle of my head and tends to stick straight up.  It does not want to loc with anybody.  It does not want to lay down.  It just does its own thing.  I can't stand it.  Why won't he go somewhere?!  I think it's bad luck to pull it out so I just leave it alone and try to smooth it down. LOL!  Even when I had my curls, it wouldn't curl and it just stuck out.  If you look closely, you see several other grays around it but they don't cause me any problems; just this one soldier.  BTW, I'm loving the texture of my hair right now and I've even considered combing my locks out but that's another story for another time.

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  1. Girl, I got a few of those gray hairs as well. And they are in the same place, too. Ugh!! They are stubborn.