Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm addicted. To my hair!

So I've told you before that all my free time lately is spent on youtube looking at hair stuff and  Today I found a tutorial on making your own loc tie.  It was so super easy to do so I had to make one. 

I love cowry shells and I had a huge one so I figured it would be perfect.  Whatcha think? 
I was immediately excited so I had to try it out.

I just did a simple basketweave in the front and put the rest in a ponytail. As you can see, I still have a ton of curls that just won't go away. ;)  This style is making me want to keep my curls for a few days longer.  I love that the tie is not too tight but big enough to hold all my hair.  I'm going to go thru my jewelry box to see what pieces I currently own that can be used for more ties.  Before I started out on this 'style craze,' I ALWAYS wore my hair in a ponytail.  If I use a cute tie, it won't be so boring, that way I could change it up some.  I feel so dumb that it's taken me almost 7 years to find all these cool things to do with my hair.  But now I have no excuse for not doing something to my hair.  Even if it's just jazzing up a simple ponytail.

I also have more pictures as a result of playing in my hair the other night.  My phone now has a ton of pictures with my hair styles on it!  LOL!

This is a style I found on youtube.  I wore a variation of it (no curls) to the Robin Thicke concert a month ago. I like it but it looks so much better with curls.  It has basketweaves in the front and the back with the middle simply hanging down.  On the back view and close up view, I tied the two sides that were hanging together so it looked more like a fancy ponytail.  I love that all the styles I've tried don't use any pins; I just simply tie locks together to hold it in place.

Oh yeah! I tried the baking soda cleanse on my husband last night.  I did the one where you add baking soda to some conditioner.  He has been complaining about his scalp being super itchy  and flaky so we wanted to try it to see if it would work for him.  I found that the conditioner was extremely hard to rinse out so I may just use the baking soda paste next time.  I followed it with the apple cider vinegar rinse (I didn't rinse it out).  Then I used Dr. Miracle's tingling conditioner.  He really liked that.  I retwisted it with the usual OSR Lock Gel because I haven't made any homemade lock gel yet.  We will see how well it works out for him.  I'm glad he let me try it out on him and that he was being supportive about it.  He's a little skeptical when it comes to trying weird stuff but he was really a good sport.  His hair looks great today!  Maybe he'll let me post of pic of his hair. 

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