Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ready to re-twist?

I think I'm ready to retwist my hair.  Not today but this weekend.  It will be 7 weeks Friday since my last retwist, which is about average time between retwists for me.  I got my Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap yesterday so I'm excited to try it out.  I'm still waiting on the black soap that I won to come.  I want to tweak my lock gel and see how that works out.  I'm getting a liitle excited about it mainly because I've been on an emotional rollercoaster with my hair/scalp the last few days.  I think it's because my scalp was itching like crazy a couple of days ago.  Maybe I tried too much 'new' stuff all at once.  I believe the peppermint oil has calmed it down though.  It still itches but not nearly as bad as it was.  I think I added too much peppermint oil to my oil mixture because it smelled so STRONG!!  But it tingled like I wanted it to. ;)  I gotta play with my oil concoctions as well because they're not smelling like I want them to.  I think I'm gonna try to make a spritz too. (I'm gonna be busy this weekend!)

Anyway, back to my emotional rollercoaster.  I've been seriously thinking about combing my locs out.  I definitely don't want to cut them because my hair has never been this long in my life.  My husband is behind whatever decision I make but I know if I do decide to it, it probably won't be until next summer.  I want to comb them out because I wanna see what my texture is like.  I never got a chance to play with my loose naps before I locked because I locked about 2 weeks after my big chop.  And during that 2 week period my hair was in comb coils, which is how I eventually started my locs.  I've been on youtube and and I've seen/read numerous stories of people starting their locks over.  My best friend has put me on youtube time out because I spend so much time there. LOL!  It NEVER occurred to me to start over or have more than one set of locs  (even though my son did it; he's now working on his 2nd set).  I always thought I would have this set of locs FOREVER!   But another part of me wants to see how long my hair will grow.  It's actually been a little bit longer than this (about 4 inches) but I've cut them shorter twice.  I regret doing that now.  My hair would be mid back or longer by now.  I don't know if I really want my hair that long but now that I know how to style it, it may not be an issue.  I'm not really sure what journey I want to be on right now so I'm just gonna leave my hair alone for now.

Have you been on a rollercoaster about your hair? If so, what did you do?


  1. Comb the locks out...oh no! Your hair is so gorgeous! Although I am really diggin' your hair, I can totally understand never seeing your texture and experiencing your loose napps. I sometimes feel the same way because my locks were started with permed ends that were eventually cut. I have learned so much about natural hair since locking. I wish I would have done the research first. I love my locks and all but it would have been nice to just be natural for a few months prior to starting the locks. Youtube gets you thinking every time doesn't it:) I have to stay off of there because I can sit for hours looking at all the beautiful natural hair, locks, and styles.

    and...let us know how the Black soap goes. I can't seem to find any anywhere locally and I'm scared to order on-line from places I don't know. Oh well.


  2. Thanks Niki! The locs are not coming out anytime soon. I do comb out the ends to get the lint sometimes though. That's as close as I've come. It's probably a passing phase anyway. That's why my BFF put me on time out cuz she knows how I am. LOL!;)

  3. Well whatever decision you make with your locs, I'm sure it will be a good one! Seems like most people pick/chop off their locs just to wear their naps loosely for awhile, or they just want a start of something new. After all, it's just hair, it does grow back, and rather quickly! I have no idea if I would ever have a second set later, i mean I think about it as far as how long I would wear locs, but either way I'm going to continue locking forever. I have worn my natural hair for a year before I decided to loc it; I'm glad that I learned about my texture, and overall locking is the most convenient for me and my lifestyle. I also think it is important for people to learn their hair texture first before deciding to lock. The only roller coaster I've been through with my locs is its size, and when I interlocked and how I had to somewhat repair some of my locs from my hideous attempt at trying it lol, other than that though it is smooth sailing so far and each day seems to be getting easier :)

  4. And I hope you like Dr. Bronner's, I have tried all their scents, all of them are unique and wonderful! And the bottle lasts forever lol.

  5. Peace,

    I have recently started following your blog. It is very informative and inspiring. I am 7.5 months into my loc journey. However, I have been natural for 6 years, so I got to enjoy my loose naps. Locing my hair is one of the best decisions I have made. Locs are just as versatile as loose natural hair. Plus you don't have to worry about the detangling :)

    I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint and tea tree soaps as a shampoo. They work very well and thoroughly clean the hair and scalp. Just remember to dilute, dilute, dilute! That stuff is concentrated and a little goes a long way.

    Stay blessed and loced,