Thursday, March 18, 2010

Braid out results

So these are my braid out results.  I left the braids in for 48 hours.  It took me over an hour to take all the braids down!  I'm not really sure I like it.  I think it will have to grow on me for a few days because I don't plan on washing it out before the first.  I do like that my fuzzies don't appear all that fuzzy.  My husband is not feeling the fuzzy look at all.  LOL!  I also like that you're able to see how long my hair is which you couldn't really tell when I had my curls cuz they were super tight.
What do you think?

Something I've noticed: my hair doesn't like staying in ponytails too much.  I can't wear a pony all day anymore.  Before I tried that pipe cleaner set, my hair was in a ponytail almost everyday, all day.  Now when I put my hair up, it doesn't stay up all day because it's uncomfortable.  I wonder what that's about?!  Even if it's a cute style and/or I'm rocking one of my new lock ties, I take it down when I'm home for the day.  I think maybe because I've been massaging my scalp more lately, it may have become more sensitive.  I'm not sure but it's kinda annoying.  Oh well.

My scalp is still itching and I don't know what that's about either.  Maybe I should have just left my hair alone and be nonchalant about it like I have been for the past 6 years.  Ever since I been paying attention to it and trying to take better care of it, I'm coming up with all these issues.  Or maybe I just never noticed them before cuz I really didn't care.  I don't know but that's kinda annoying as well. :(


  1. Love the braid out! Oh, I know how you feel! Lately I've been training myself to relax a bit more with my locs, don't touch them, cover them up a bit more just to prevent me from playing with them, and just let them be. I kind of like it that way...I think locs are meant to be a laid-back and left-alone for the most part. I love taking care of it and giving it attention, but at the same time locs are so much easier when you just leave them alone hehe.

  2. Thanks! I like the results now too. Not so much at first. I think I will alternate between this and the pipe cleaner curls when I'm between retwists because they don't show the fuzzies and they're pretty low maintenance and long-lasting.

  3. Cute!!! I need to do a braidout. Need to get out of that "lazy/too busy" stage.

  4. *faints* They are soooo beautiful! I can't wait until mine get that long.