Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel pretty. . .

Today was a totally unproductive day!  I had plenty of other stuff to do but it did NOT get done.  Instead I spent most of the day in the mirror.  :)  The hairstyle came about when I put my hair up in a high ponytail when I jumped in the shower.   My regular rubber band broke so I grabbed my lock tie to put it up.  When I got out, I just rolled up the ends into a little bun.  How cute?!  I got out my matching earrings that I just got at the beauty supply store and presto!  I also bought some fake eyelashes to try out cuz mine are busted and I wanted to test them before I wore them out this weekend with my girls.  That lead to me putting on lipstick too.  My husband flipped out.  He didn't want me to leave the house! LOL!  He said was I was too beautiful. Awwww!  I normally don't wear makeup of any kind so all of this is new to me (us).  The only reason I even own lipstick is because it usually comes with a free gift with purchase from Clinique. So this is the look I had today to just hang around the house.

I really like the lashes.  They're cute and don't look super fake.  The lipstick even matched my shirt perfectly.  Now I gotta get some eyeliner to play up my eyes (and to camoflauge the lashes).  I'm loving the look though. I'll post  new pics when I go out this weekend.

My scalp has been itching all day. I guess I need to put some oil on it. It really hasn't itched like this in a while.  I need to get some fragrant oil to add to my oil mixture cuz it doesn't smell too pleasing.  The locs that I retwisted are holding up well.  They're not crunchy anymore and they look really nice.  I had to combine a few locs in the area that I did (the front).  I'm wondering if my hair is thinning there.   It seems to run in my family.  I also gotta figure out how I want to combine them.  Do I want to twist all the way down or just let my two headed dragons emerge? Do I want to sew them all the way down?  I did sew a few last week and it was really time consuming.  But I also don't really like the two strand look in a sea of locs.  They just look funny to me.  I don't know.  Maybe I need to stop trying all the new stuff I've learned all at one time and go little by little.  LOL!  It doesn't matter; I'm enjoying myself and I'm not hurting anybody.  ;)


  1. I love your blog. I've been bored with my length and the different styles you post are giving me some inspiration. I'll follow you so I can keep up. :-)