Sunday, February 14, 2010

My latest tattoo (aka Black History Tattoo)

This is my latest (my 4th) tattoo.  It is Gye Nyame.  It means 'except God' as in ' I fear no one except God.'  It's an Adinkra West African symbol.  I love it.  I love expressing myself thru African culture.  There are a few more Adinkra symbols I want to get tattooed but that will come later.  I have to remain professional.

This is my most exposed tattoo.  That means I will have to work a little harder to cover it in the summer time when I wear short sleeves.  A watch just won't do so I figure I'll wear bracelets if necessary. All my other tattoos can be covered with regular clothing and can only be seen if I want them to be seen.  I'm not tripping.  Tattoos are more mainstream now so as long as I dress (and act) professionally, I don't see it being an issue. What do u think?


  1. yea i want the same thing.! LOVE IT.!

  2. Go for it!!
    And actually a big face watch covers it nicely. My parents still haven't seen it and it took my son a few months before he noticed it!