Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Locstory

As of today, I have not permed my hair in 7 years.  My last perm was early January 2003.  My hair has been locked since May 2003.  Even if I don't always have locs, I will never perm my hair again. 

Right now, I'm lovin my locs.  My journey has been full of ups and downs.  Of course, everyone goes thru that rough stage in the beginning.  I also went thru a stage when I wanted to cut my hair (about a year and a half ago).  Then last summer I went thru another stage where I wanted to try to comb the locs out (I did comb out a few).  Lately, I've been on youtube looking for ways to style my hair.  I have renewed confidence in my hairstyle choice and I'm looking forward to trying new things with it.  I didn't color my hair until August 2005 and right now, I have two shades of the same color.  The back is a little shorter than the front because I had it cut into an asymmetrical bob.  Now I'm waiting on my hair to grow longer so I can do a little more with it.

My locs were first started by a professional. She cut off all the permed ends and comb twisted my little bitty afro.  I maintained them myself for the 1st 2 years.  After that, I got them touched up professionally about every 6-8 weeks.  In the summer of 2006, I moved to another city and I had to find someone else to do my hair. Once I found someone (who actually took better care of my hair than the original person), I resumed my regular touch up schedule of 6-8 weeks.  Lately, I've been doing my hair myself because I haven't wanted to spend the money or waste the time sitting in the shop.  I haven't been since April 2009.

During the first 2 years when I maintained my hair myself, I tried so many different products.  I fell in love with a few products that have now been discontinued so now I have to search for new products.  I'm really excited about trying out new products and new styles.  Stay tuned for pictures of the things I try.

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