Friday, February 5, 2010

pipe cleaner roller set.jpg

I retwisted my hair and set it with pipe cleaners. I saw a tutorial for it on you tube. My hair should be in tight 'shirley temple' curls when I take the pipe cleaners out. I think it's gonna be cute. I'm not gonna take the pipe cleaners out until Sunday morning before church. I'm not sure how long the curls will last but we'll see. ;)
If I like the style, I'm gonna do it differently next time. I won't retwist it at the same time as I roll it cuz it took entirely too long. I did try a new conditioner after my shampoo that I left on for an hour. It smells really good but it was a little hard to wash out. I'm enjoying my renewed enthusiasm for my locs. I'll post pics when I take the pc out. Peace. ;*

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