Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend was really nice.  We each picked a day and date activities to do on that day. In other words, he planned a date and I planned a date.  On Saturday (my day), we ended up driving around cuz the bowling alley was closed to the public for a tournament.  We went to Radio Shack and one of the sales women commented on my hair (pipe cleaner curl set).  She said that my hair looked so clean and neat.  Another girl said she didn't realize my hair was locked because it was so pretty.  WTH?! I wonder whose heads she's been looking at?  I really pride myself with keeping my hair looking nice (or at least trying to) so I can help dispel the myth that locs are nasty and dirty. 

After we went to eat, we went home and just chilled out.  I had been thinking about getting a tattoo all week and I almost forgot about it.  Hubby didn't want to go so I called my best friend and she went with me to get it.  I'm so excited about it. (See 2/14/10 post) 

On Sunday, I went to church with a friend.  When I got home, hubby had flowers and a balloons waiting for me.  I also got candy, a homemade card, a bear, and a cute little heart shaped ring.  He took me to lunch and a movie.  We saw The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington (my favorite actor).  It was a great movie.  I had a wonderful weekend.  ;)

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