Friday, June 25, 2010

Busted hairline

Yall, my hairline is busted!  I noticed it was thinning there awhile ago but it was really noticeable the other day.  I'm kinda upset about it but I don't know what to do.  Any suggestions?

Do you see the remains of my widow's peak?

What the French Toast?!

This looks really bad! :(

A small bald spot.

Yall what I am gonna do?!  I haven't worn my hair in ponytails a lot lately so my hair is not being pulled.  I can't wear them long anyway cuz they make my head hurt.  I've only worn a style a few times in the past month and when I did, I didn't keep them long (headaches).  Maybe it's due to stress?  I got a few things going on in my life that might be causing a tad bit of stress.  :(  I've got to relax, relate, release.  LOL.

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions on what to do (if anything) about this disappearing hairline.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.


  1. get Megatek...please google it..
    I use it faithfully, it WILL fill in your edges, trust me,

  2. I would suggest incorporating rosemary essential oil into your regimen. Rosemary stimulates hair growth. Also, as you said, relax, relate, release. Stress is no joke and will wreak havoc on your body. Take a few minutes each day just for you. Meditate, pray, or just sit and clear your mind. In addition, make sure you are eating properly. I know when I am stressed I eat poorly. Peace and Blessings

  3. I ditto both suggestions. I have been using Mega-Tek for the past two weeks. I mix it with rosemary and olive oils. I have been using it on my scalp 3 times a week and I can see how my edges are filling in. I found it at a local equine store.

  4. O.k., here's my 2 cents.... When you re-twist your locs, do you retwist them tightly? all the way to the root? incorporating every single itty bitty strand of hair? then when the hair dries it retracts and guess what...pulls out the hair by the follicles....This is just a guess. I twist my own hair because I am frugal ( and because I frequently would have to ask for my hair not to be twisted so tightly. This may or may not be your's just a guess. When hair is wet and you comb it....stretching will be one length...then, you let it dry and it's shorter....right? So, think of what happens when you retwist wet hair all the way to the root...I mean all up in there, then it pulls out from the root...the scalp, the follicle....then your hairline starts thinning ....that is a delicate part of your scalp....the hairline. I twist "almost all the way to the root" if that makes any sense. I hope this and/or somebody else out there.

  5. @Foxy: I googled it and I was wondering how do you use it and how often? I've read on a few hair forums where people mixed it with aloe vera juice/gel for added growth stimulation. I think it was on

    @Lakisha: I've wanted to try rosemary oil but it is not suggested for those with high blood pressure. I'm not sure if that applies to external use.

    @iRock: See above. I do use olive oil, peppermint oil, and vitamin E oil occasionally.

    @Anonymous: I probably do twist too tightly but I don't twist often. It probably doesn't help that I usually pull my hair back after twisting.

    Ladies, I appreciate all of your suggestions. I plan to purchase some MegaTek this week (and maybe some aloe vera juice) and I will definitely post what happens. Y'all are awesome!!!

  6. Nothing to add!Just want to say i'll be watching and hoping that it all works out.

  7. Hi.. I have "thin" edges and I faithful with a blend of cator oil, and Rosemary oil, I massage my edges with the oil every other night. Im VERY careful with retwisting my locs around my edges-I dont twist tight- I sometimes- not at all. I also take Biotin. P.S. stop pulling your hair back into a pony tail. If its hot and I feel teh need to get the hair "off" my face.. I use a goody head band ) the ouchless type that dont rub/pull the hair. Hope this helps

  8. I'm researching Mega Tek- Never heard of it.. will get some myself.. Thanks..

  9. Let me know how the Mega Tek works for you. I bought some sulphur and was planning to make one of those sulphur and oil concoctions to aid in growth (and to remedy my dandruff), but I haven't even opened it yet. You're welcome to have some of it.

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