Sunday, June 13, 2010

FEATURE: My BFF is going natural!!!

This is my best friend, Kenya.  My ride or die chick.  She is currently transitioning.  Lately, she's been wearing her hair in a two strand twistout to hide the 2 different textures.  Isn't she beautiful?!
She says her natural hair texture is like Pretty Dimples from youtube.  I love her videos.  Anyway, I asked Kenya to answer some questions for me about her natural journey so far:

When was your last relaxer?
December 2009

What made you decide to go natural?
Perming my hair takes too much time if I do it myself and it's not in my budget to get my hair done (professionally).  *I would like to think I had a little something to do with it because she saw me get excited about my hair and become obsessed watching youtube videos.*

What is your routine?I wash once a week with Shea Moisture shampoo (the brillant curls) and will either set it with flexi rods or two strand twists.  I'm loving the two strand twist out right now.

What products are you using?
Shea Moisture products for curls, including the Curl Enhancer Shampoo.  I also use Elasticity Leave in conditioner and Cantu oil moisturizer. *These products are found at Wal-mart and Target.
Are you going to do a big chop?  If so, when?
Why not?
Because I want the length.  I will gradually cut the permed ends off to maintain the length.

What styles are you looking forward to trying?
Pretty much any style that doesn't require a lot of time to do, low maintenance, and little to no dryer time.  *She's very low maintenance like me.  That's why we're besties. ;)

Who is favorite youtuber?
Spicyeve.  Her name is Evelyn and she's a vlogger on and also uses the name Kinks n' all.

What are your favorite blogs and/or websites for natural hair?
Your blog is my favorite *of course* and my favorite websites are and  *I like Curly Nikki myself.*

So there's Kenya.  I plan to feature her younger sister who has been natural for some time now.  She plans to lock her hair soon.  Yay!!  So show my girl some love and stay tuned for other features.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.


  1. Yeah!!I have a friend who's been natural for longer than I have but she's locking her hair this weekend-if they decide that it's long enough and I'm so excited.Now I'm excited about your transitioning friend too! LOL

  2. Way to go, Kenya! You're making a step in the right direction for your hair. You'll save lots of money and (hopefully!) fall in love with your hair all over again ;-)