Saturday, June 5, 2010

Honey Dip's Q & A 2010

How long have you been growing your locs?
It's been 7 years as of May 29, 2010.

Why did you decide to go natural?
I was tired of the chemicals burning my scalp and leaving scabs in my hair.  I was tired of spending the money to keep my hair straight.  And I was definitely tired of sitting in the beauty shop all day waiting on stylists who were over booked.

What made you decide to grow locs instead of wearing loose naps?
I've always been a low maintenance kind of girl.  I would rather sleep in instead of getting up earlier to put on make-up or comb hair. I've never worn make-up; just lip gloss.  When I had a perm, I wore low maintenance styles like wraps, ponytails, or anything I didn't have to do a whole lot to.  I also wore a lot of box braids, micro braids, and cornrows.  Locs provide me the opportunity to just get up and go.

How often do you retwist your roots?
It really just depends on how I feel, but it's usually every 8-12 weeks on average.  Sometimes, I'll just twist a few of the front rows.

Do you maintain your hair yourself or do you go to a loctician?
For the past year I have maintained my hair myself.  I stopped going to the salon last year because the work was becoming subpar and it didn't last very long.  I hated sitting in the shop and under the dryer (and spending the money) so I haven't been since April 2009.  I used to go every 2-3 months.  But self maintenance is nothing new for me.  I maintained my hair for the first 2 years before I started going to the beauty salon.  I only started going because my hair was getting longer and I was tired of doing it.  But now I enjoy doing my hair.

What is your maintenance routine?
Recently, I've been doing a daily spritz of water, glycerin, and lemongrass oil.  I really like how it keeps my hair looking (and feeling) soft and shiny and not dry.  I use ORS Scalp Cleanser once a week (or more if necessary) to keep my scalp fresh.  I wash every 2-3 weeks depending on how I feel.  When I wash, I brush my locs right before to loosen any flakes and lint.  I wash with black soap and/or peppermint castile soap, then rinse with ACV and oil.  When I condition, I use a tingling conditioner that I let stay on at least 30 minutes (but usually an hour). 

What is your favorite product?
Dr. Miracle's Tingling Intensive Deep Conditioning Treatment.  I love the tingling sensation of this conditioner and it's not too hard to rinse out.  It comes in single use packets and it's not too expensive.  (See the side bar for other products I use regularly).

What were your family's and friends' reactions to your hair when you first started locking?
My friends were very positive and supportive.  I've always been different and tried different things so no one was really surprised.  My family, mainly my mother and grandmother, were a little skeptical.  They wanted to know why I would do such a thing and would I be able to get a job with my hair looking 'such a mess.'   Seven years later and my grandmother still doesn't understand the process and always asks when I'm going to 'take my hair down.'  My mother is used to it now and usually doesn't comment on it unless it's time for a retwist.  Other people in my family really never commented and weren't really surprised.

What was the most difficult stage of your locking journey?  (from Nessa)
The most difficult stage for me was the very beginning simply because I didn't know what I was doing.  I didn't know what products to use or what to do and I didn't have a lot of support.  I didn't (and still don't) have any real life examples of women with locs in my area.

If you were to ever start your locs over, what would you do different with your second set?  (from Nessa)
Recently, I have thought a lot about starting a new set.  When I do, I want my hair to be longer when I start them.  I also want the locs to be thicker.  I think I might start them with two strand twists instead of coils the next time.  I may start them over when I've had this set for 10 years or when they get to breast length.  We'll see.

What do you love the most about your locs? Now that you are 7 years locked, are there any changes as far as how you maintain your hair and how you feel about your locs overall?  (from Nessa)
My favorite thing is that I can style them just like permed hair.  And most people don't realize I have locs until they get up close to me.  They're usually amazed at the styles I wear and the versatility of my hair. I also love that I can get my hair wet and it's not 'ruined.'  And I really love being able to just get up and go.  It's not necessary to wear a style if I don't want to or don't have time.
As far as maintenance goes, I've been looking into more natural products lately.  I was a product junkie in the beginning simply because I was trying to find out what worked for me.  And right now, I love my locs.  I think I've gone through the "I hate my locs" stage twice.  Of course, the 1st time was when it was short and in the 'ugly' phase.  The 2nd time was a couple of years ago when I wanted to do something different so I cut them shorter into a bob.  I enjoyed it then but I regret that now because I wish my hair was longer.

*Picture was taken on my 33rd birthday, 9/25/2009.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.

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  1. I also think that if I ever took down my locs I'd re-do them, but differently too. Interesting read, thank you!