Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring style revisited

It's been 100 degrees outside the past few days. Entirely too hot to have hair all over the place, so I did my hair in a style today.  I was watching youtube last night and Chesaleigh has finally posted another loc video, so I decided to try it.  Simple and cute. Here are pictures:

As I was taking these pictures, I realized that I've done this exact style already!!.  But it didn't turn out this nice.  Check out the previous hot mess here!  (I'm so ashamed I even posted that).  So thanks Chesaleigh for doing a tutorial for me!! Here's another shot of the back:

So watch the tutorial  to learn how to do this style.

I am so blessed to have 30 followers.  I wish I had something to give away.  ;)
Anyway, til next time, be blessed.


  1. I watched that video yesterday and long for the day when I can do a "real" style!!! Your hair is great!!!

  2. Ohhh yessss, this is fabulous!

  3. Love this style!!